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Indigenous Homelessness Coordinator

Grande Prairie, AB, Canada

Job Type: Full-Time 

About the Role

The Indigenous Homelessness Coordinator will be responsible for coordinating and implementing initiatives aimed at addressing Indigenous homelessness within the framework of Reaching Home funding. This position requires a deep understanding of Indigenous cultures, histories, and socio-economic challenges, as well as experience in community engagement, program development, and collaboration with various stakeholders.

Located at: 10507-98 Ave Grande Prairie

Reports to: Executive Director

Position Details: Full-Time​


  • Bachelor’s degree in social work, Indigenous studies, public administration, or related field 

  • Deep understanding and knowledge of Indigenous cultures, histories, and perspectives, with demonstrated commitment to Indigenous rights and reconciliation. 

  • Experience working with Indigenous communities and addressing complex social issues, such as homelessness, poverty, and mental health. 

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to build relationships and work effectively with diverse stakeholders. 

  • Excellent organizational and project management skills with the ability to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines. 

  • Understanding of government funding programs and reporting requirements, particularly in the context of homelessness services. 

  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team, with a commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion.


Key Responsibilities:

Program Development and Implementation

  • Collaborate with community organizations, Indigenous leaders, and government agencies to ensure programs align with community needs and priorities. 

  • Serve as the key point of contact to bridge community level supports and coordination among multiple service providers to deliver efficient services to Indigenous individuals that are experiencing homelessness. 

  • Build partnerships with various agencies and stakeholders to explore innovative solutions to address, prevent, and reduce homelessness.


Community Engagement

  • Build and maintain relationships with Indigenous communities, Elders, and service providers to foster trust and collaboration. 

  • Conduct outreach activities to raise awareness about available resources and support services for Indigenous individuals experiencing homelessness. 

  • Facilitate community consultations and workshops to gather input on program development and identity areas for improvement. 

Capacity Building

  • Provide training and capacity-building opportunities for service providers working with Indigenous populations to enhance cultural competency and sensitivity. 

  • Support the development of Indigenous-led initiatives and organizations focused on addressing homelessness and related issues. 

  • Build a coordinated system of care that is responsive to the social needs and priorities of the Indigenous community. 

  • Provide input for Request for Proposals and participate in the review process to determine program funding allocations. 

Data Collection and Reporting

  • Maintain accurate records of program activities, participant demographics, and outcomes to track progress and measure impact. 

  • Monitor program level performance measures and recommend ongoing improvements to ensure milestones are met. 

  • Prepare regular reports and presentations for funders, stakeholders, and community partners to demonstrate program effectiveness and ensure accountability. 

  • Identify successes, trends, service delivery gaps and solutions to addressing homelessness using a collaborative approach. 

Policy Advocacy

  • Advocate for policy changes at local, provincial, and national levels to address systemic barriers contributing to Indigenous homelessness. 

  • Advocate for resources and funding to strengthen Indigenous homelessness initiatives and expand support services. 

  • Collaborate with government agencies and Indigenous organizations to develop and implement culturally relevant policies and strategies.

Please apply with resume and cover letter to:

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